A Veg Slicer Can Simplify Your Daily Life!

If you are someone who has been spending too much of time in the kitchen for slicing vegetables, then a veg slicer is here for your rescue. These slicers are extremely handy for slicing vegetables and fruits in a jiffy thus saving a lot of your precious time.

They can chop uniformly sized precise slices while most of the modern slicers also have an option to select the desired thickness. Some of the kinds of veggie slicers available in the market are electric vegetable slicers, non-electric slicer, spiral slicers etc.
fruit and vegetable slicer
Before taking a look at various types of vegetable slicers, let’s see how vegetable slicers work.

How it Works?
The working of vegetable slicers may differ from model to model, but the most common working principle is explained here. A vegetable slicer comprises ob 2 working surfaces that are parallel to one another; out of these, one of the surface’s heights is variable. To start with, slide a vegetable or fruit along the variable surface till it gets to the blade present on the fixed surface. This blade chops the food item and allows it to fall.

Uses of Vegetable Slicers

Vegetable slicer is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen, especially for people who need to chop a large quantity of vegetables or fruits as a part of their daily chores. Professional chefs also prefer such a slicer as it makes their job easier. Hence, these slicers are ideal to be used in home kitchens as well as restaurants. They can be used to chop, dice, shred or slice vegetables, fruits, and julienne for use in salads or garnishing. One thing that must be mentioned here is that you will have to be very careful not to get yourself hurt while using a slicer.

Common Features

Some of the common features of vegetable slicers are:

• Stainless steel blades
• Adjustments for the desired unifrom thickness
• Versatility for chopping all kinds of vegetables or fruits

Electric Vegetable Slicer

An electric vegetable slicer is highly advantageous over the traditional non-electric ones. Though electric slicers are a bit expensive when compared to the conventional ones, they are much easier to handle as they are powered by an electric motor. They provide uniform slices even with vegetables that are high in water content like cucumber, onion, etc.

And, of course, electric slicers are quicker compared to the hand-operated ones. Some of the best electric vegetable slicer manufacturers are Chef’s Choice, Presto, PRM, Waring Pro, Deni, to name a few. And, following are some of the best selling electric vegetable slicers in the market –

vegetable dicer

Finding the Best Vegetable Slicer

There are several aspects that determine the performance of the slicer like safety,ease of use,budget and needs. However, a good vegetable slicer should incorporate all the basic necessary features and should be highly safe, efficient as well as reliable.

If you decide upon buying a vegetable slicer, make sure that you go through a couple of customer reviews online and get to know the pros or cons of the product. This is the best way to conclude on the highly rated vegetable slicer and get a good value for the money invested.

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    • 1/8-inch spacing,
    • 1/4-inch spacing, and
    • straight blade for ribbon cuts

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